Everybody needs video. Whether you brew craft beer, run a wildly successful attraction, or wage peace in your local community—you need video…

Video is the best way to communicate with your audience. Video grabs attention. It simulates experience. It is just too interesting and entertaining to ignore. You want customers? You need video. You need to tell people Who you areWhat you do, and Why it is important. How else are you going to tell your clients what they need to know and why you are the best expert at what you do.

Your video represents your business—it’s your voice. Compelling, smart, creative video? Compelling, smart, creative business. 7SUN MEDIA makes powerful, high quality, entertaining videos every single time.

We make videos for every part of your business—Commercials, Sales, Marketing, Internal and administration, Events, Music Videos, Patreon, YouTube videos, Kickstarter videos, Livestreams, Photography and all your media needs.

Video is an investment in yourself. When you make an awesome video, you are saying, “I know who I am. I know what I do. And I know how I make a difference.”

7SUN MEDIA has a creative approach to everything, We want to hear everything about what you bring to the table so we can tell your truly unique story.




Long Beach Local Business is the long-term project of 7SUN MEDIA. As a give-back company, for every full video package you book we donate a video to a nonprofit of your choosing. Plus, you get added as a sponsor to that video.

To learn more about Long Beach Local Business feel free to call us at 562-444-8683.


Make video that is too good to ignore


“This is who I am.
This is what I do.
This is why it’s important.”

“This is who I am. This is what I do. This is why it’s important.”

The About Us video lives on the homepage of your website, at the top of your YouTube page, in the signature of your emails. Anywhere you need people to get to know you. No matter who you are, you have a story to tell. The origins of your franchise, the staff who make your company what it is, testimonials from your clients—All of these can make your about me video help people get to know you and trust you.

We work together with you to find your voice and your story, capturing your message in a professional and captivating way.


“I know my customers and their needs.
Let me show you how I solve your problems.”

You know how you solve the problems of your clients. You need to show them as quickly and concisely as you can that no one is better equipped than you are to transform their business.

The fastest way to educate your audience and make your customers better informed and have clear expectations is to watch your Explainer Video. Your explainer takes them from not knowing how to describe their problem to knowing that you not only can identify the issues, but you can solve their problems and meet all of their needs. The Explainer is the best video to inform and convert interest into action.

A Commercial is the best video for brand awareness and high impact marketing. A creative commercial can become viral, slingshot your brand into the marketplace and be a lot of fun to create. Get a commercial video for your growing brand or organization.

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“More people learn about my craft from me than anyone else in my field.”

If you want to get in front of the absolute maximum amount of people over the longest amount of time—an educational, entertaining and important series is the best way to become the expert in your field.

7SUN MEDIA works with you to create a video series for YouTube, Instagram, Podcasts, Clubhouse, Patreon, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok and whatever platform your audience is on.

Your Video Series is what will separate us from the crowd—No one does it like we do.

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“Am I an expert?
Well, watch my video series. Hear my podcast. Learn from my video training series. Or check out my commercials, my event wrap ups or join me for a livestream.
You can decide if I’m an expert.”

There’s so much more we can offer you, too. From podcasts to livestreams, photography, corporate internal productions, trainings, how-to’s, tutorials, company updates, video newsletters, event videography, weddings, music videos, concerts. Whatever it is that you are doing, there’s a way to use video to elevate the experience.

And if you want to make a real impact on your business using video, you have to have more than just one video.

Video has to be an investment in yourself. If you spend the time to create high quality videos and make sure that the content of those videos is awesome, you’ll feel the impact. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Only the luckiest of people have one video make the difference. 7SUN MEDIA is here to help you get your video presence to the point where every video you make has an impact. And we can’t wait to see you succeed.

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7SUN MEDIA is here to help you and your business grow. We do it through killer video. And your awesome story is our story of success.

Even if you don’t know where to begin, call us today. Get on our calendar. There’s lots of creativity to be had. The well is deep. We can make some awesome art together.

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