LESS IS MORE, 7SUN website redesign


With the approach of 2020, 7SUN MEDIA needed to move away from the kitsch and into something more mature. Sometimes that means less.

When approaching this redesign, we listened to the feedback on the old one. We responded to the notes that visitor gave us.
We worked on fixing:

  • confusing navigation
  • lack of clear messaging
  • faulty responsive layout
  • messy design

Read on to see how what changes we made.


The old website had a signpost that you had to “press” and wait for an animation. It was fun but pointless.

We did away with the “slider” in which the animation in favor of a clean and understandable slogan.

The flyout menu on the left which was hard to find and use has been replaced with a sticky header which anchors to the different sections.

The negative space, minus the full-page-scrolling signals to the user that they should scroll as the main means of navigation.

This section is the only one with 100% height. It serves like a dust cover to separate the rest of the sections.


On the new website, the about section has been moved to the very top.

It focuses more on services and identity than history.

We have done away with info about Isaac here. As the agency grows, it may make more or less sense to focus on the team on the front page.

The last sentence trusts that the reader understands our meaning—That we are happy to travel to work.



We loved the fun video frame, but it wasn’t on brand. The old-timey TV was a blast to put together. And we love how small the video is on it in context.

But it wasn’t on brand for our refresh.

Bye old-TV!

The background of the video section is our only cinemagraph, but it gives the whole website life that it wouldn’t have otherwise.


Instead of a slider with a slideshow, we opted for a single expressive shot.

Long term, we may find ways to incorporate clients or examples of work.

But we decided to not give the user too many options. Enough to want more—Expressed by the visitor in the form of continued scrolling.



The old website tried to have a portfolio section. Its purpose was to demonstrate width and breadth of services available.

Now, we just say it.

The portfolio section was broken anyway and often bug-riddled. Goodbye portfolio!


Generally—the new website is cleaner, more intuitive, and should serve as a better primer for outreach.

By the time a visitor gets to the bottom of the page, they should feel confident that the agency behind it says just enough. With high quality assets.

Plans in the future are to include a blog section, and a testimonial section.

We will post new blogs as we make changes and discover better ways of communicating through our landing page.