200 days of videos/ photos/ publication resolution for 2020

For 2020, I am setting a resolution of proliferation for myself and for my company.

To my future self.

I hope, future me, that you are richer and more successful than I am right now. And I am hoping to help get you there by committing to some creative outlets and getting consistent. I know one of the things you tell people is to be regular. Well, do that.

I haven’t had much of a presentational online presence. Pretty much ever. Even though I make lots of video and live in the world of media, I feel like haven’t spent nearly enough time making my own stuff – for me – and contributing to the media world.

So, here goes. For 2020, I resolve to publish media 200 out of 366 days. The cool thing about a 200 day resolution is that it’s basically 4 out of 7 days of the week the whole year. You could skip 2 weeks’ worth. Or if you schedule it out like a monday-thursday thing for the whole year, you have 8 skip days.

I got the idea from my Shannon’s cousin Ryan who a few years back who did 200 days of surfing. Then Shannon 2 years ago did 200 days of yoga. It’s ambitious but not obscene.

It’s a good round number. It’s prolific. It’s the majority of the week, but not like overwhelming. It’s a four-day workweek. It’s manageable.

Like anything you want to do that you want to be successful, you gotta have some structure. I like calling them parameters. Let’s set up some parameters.

  • It’s gotta be 200 days completed before 2021, of whatever timezone I’m in.
  • This post doesn’t count, since it’s published in 2019.
  • The thing that counts is being published. By whom doesn’t matter. So a client posting a video I made for them counts.
  • Things that count: videos, podcasts, good blog posts, photos, intentional instagram posts, articles, behind-the-scenes shots or selfies, how-to videos, anything public-facing that fits the idea of being prolific.
  • It’s okay to do the creation on one day and the posting on another.
  • The platform doesn’t matter.
  • I determine what counts and what doesn’t.
  • If I fail, I will still love myself.

There you have it. I will also set a couple of self-improvement goals from doing this.
I have a goal to get quicker at creativity.
I have a goal to start feeling like a contributor and less of a consumer.
I have a goal to provide interesting content.
I have a goal to be a little inspirational.

That’s probably enough goals.

Future self, you can tell me how I did.