Shoreline Village – Long Beach

200/2020 — Drone photograph

I was asked to film in downtown Long Beach, so I grabbed this photo while getting some drone video for the DLBA’s New Year’s Eve party in Shoreline Village.

I couldn’t believe my luck with the sunset that began after I launched. I was going to be in the air anyway, but then as I’m flying the sun started pouring out this golden wash of sunlight that transected the clouds and the horizon. I love the way it spills onto the tops of the buildings, but misses the ground entirely. The harbor usually has a tiny layer of oil on it from the passing ships and boats, giving it that extra glassy stillness, which transforms it into a mirror-pool instead of an ocean.

Notably visible here are the iconic Long Beach ferris wheel, the Aquarium of the Pacific, the old city hall, the new city hall and the World Trade Center.

I’m glad I took an extra second to stop and switch from video to photo modes on my DJI Mavic. Getting in the air is always a little stressful – especially when flying over water – so my recommendation to any other pilots is to take an extra second, remember to breathe and focus on what you are getting right now instead of what you need to get. In retrospect, I wish I had also taken the time to get a picture of the Queen Mary which was opposite this direction. I did get great video of it though.

I feel pretty good about this one. Good start to my 200 out of 366 days. But I am worried about how to distribute all of the content. Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? There are too many places to post. If someone has an idea about a good flow for the content, I’d love to learn what’s a good policy.