Gate King : Shelby Feature

7sun Media is a video first production agency that specializes in high quality video production here out of long beach California.  In this post we highlight a local long beach business Gate King 

Gate King  teams up with 7sun media to make high quality video content and professional story telling.

Let’s Talk subject:

In this piece we highlight a patented product that helps keep a tailgate up on a truck-bed. We were able to shoot in a famous garage that was once owned and now is operated by the Carrolle Shelby organization. This video is to highlight how crafty the product is.

Let’s talk about the video:
7SUN MEDIA is all about production quality and entertaining content. This episode of Where’s Where was filmed on the Sony a73 with the Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens. We shot on a gimbal for stabilization and were using the natural lights flooding the garage along with our Drecast lights for a small addition.