Where’s Where : The Hole

7sun Media is a video first production agency that specializes in high quality video production here out of long beach California.  In this post we highlight a local long beach business Ben Fisher Team 

Ben Fisher teams up with 7sun media to make high quality video content and professional story telling.

Let’s Talk subject:

In this episode of Where’s Where the group goes to a part of Long Beach known as The hole A.K.A University Park. learn about the history and some of the local secrets that reside in this area. You will absolutely enjoy.

Let’s talk about the video:
7SUN MEDIA is all about production quality and entertaining content. This episode of Where’s Where was filmed on the Sony FX6 with the Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens. We used a white balance closer to 5200k and did a set it and forget it approach. We used auto-ND for the outdoor shots. Sony’s auto variable ND is incredible, and usually we can trust its decisions.