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99 problems,
video ain't one

About the clinic

This workshop is aimed at individuals managing any form of brand who are uncertain about what types of videos to create and what messages to convey. If you want to survive in the attention economy you better have a damn good story—Our clinic focuses on the psychology behind viewer engagement and decision-making. Our workshop covers the different video formats; learn strategies to craft content that resonates with audiences, avoiding common pitfalls like overt advertising and uninspiring content. We’ll dismantle participants’ creative blockages and guide them toward producing more effective and engaging videos. It’s ideal for those seeking to elevate their video content but not recommended for those already satisfied with their current video production outcomes.

Who is this Masterclass for?

This is for anyone who is running a Brand – Be it service, product or personality – and has any instinct that video might be of service
That's Me!

Who should attend?

Instead, who shouldn't attend: If anyone is already using – and happy with – the videos that they are making, they may not benefit from a conversation about what videos to create, and how to structure those videos.
Definitely need video help!

What is the problem that we’re solving with the training?

Video is something that many people want, but it's really hard to get started, to prescribe a formula of what the videos should look like and what content they should contain. The problem of not knowing what videos you need, or what they should say inside of those videos.
Get a content prescription!

Why Do we need this training?

The vast majority of videos no one cares about—yes, even the videos I make often get scrolled past. But until we even begin to start to understand what is going to make a person care about video, and how to get the right video into the right context, every video is more likely to fail than succeed.
I'd rather succeed

What will they learn?

In this course, it's mostly a discussion about the different kinds of video available as well as a little bit about the psychology of what makes people make decisions.
I love learning!

What are a couple mistakes that people make when they’re making videos?

People hate to be advertised to and are now more savvy than ever to turn off the ad-receptive part of their brains. The new gotcha is to make video and think that's enough. Now that video is everywhere, it's not enough anymore to just have it. It needs to be deliberate, excellent and honest to break through.
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Owner Isaac Svensson headshot at 7sun media

About Isaac Svensson

Isaac Svensson is the CEO of 7SUN MEDIA, a video-first marketing and creative agency located in downtown Long Beach. Isaac earned a BA in Mass Communication & Production, serves on the board of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals, served on the board of Long Beach Public Media, and his company runs the technical direction for CSE’s Play Big. He’s made videos for the City of Long Beach, Hilton, DoubleTree, Marriott, Best Western, T-mobile, EZUp, Experian, and he helped build the FM radio station KLBP, 99.1 in Long Beach. Through communication, technology, self-improvement and local communities—Isaac is passionate about helping his neighbors and clients wage peace.

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99 Problems but Video Ain’t One is a special presentation of AV Club by 7SUN MEDIA

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