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More About AV Club

Think of AV Club as your weekly resource of professional brand and video coaching. It is very apparent that if you want to thrive in todays market you must acknowledge that we live in an attention economy and to keep relevance you need high quality video and a good story. Unfortunately, good camera equipment and a banding agency to help market your business is very expensive. That is where AV Club comes in.

We want to help every business owner take back the power of their business and feel confident on the world stage of media and marketing. We are creating an incredible network of Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Video Professionals, Sales Reps, who want to help each other grow their business. Beyond this incredible network we offer one on one counseling to help you understand branding and video tricks that would cost thousands of dollars anywhere else.

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AV Club is designed to be a really solid option for those entrepreneurs, businesses and personalities who are going it alone when it comes to Branding and Marketing. We get it – and ourselves do a lot of DIY for the smaller pieces we’re not ready to scale yet. So this is looking at you, self-starter! These meetings are open to all, but we hope and expect that as you find value and meaning that you become a member of AV Club. And if something in class leads you to better profits or more confidence in your business, then it’s time to become a member. We work on the honor system, so please let us know what we can do to add value to your membership!

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