Your Brand Has Never Told The Story

part of the BUSINESS VIDEOLOGY course

Part of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs’ ongoing Associate Coach program,

Isaac Svensson teaches this crash course of his Business Videology Series.

9:30am – Tuesday November 15, 2022

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Master your own Story, apply it to your Brand, and it won’t matter what platform or algorithm changes—You’ll always connect with your audience.

Some of the most common problems that come up when doing marketing or branding are “I don’t know what content to create!”
“What I do put up isn’t getting people’s attention…”

When a company does make content, it’s a common mistake to use Bragging, Promising, and Emotional Appeal to evoke a buying decision. But businesses who use Story to inform their Advertising will build a Brand that clients will use to self-express.

This training is for CMOs and CEOs who want to think about using a significant amount of video and mass communication.
Knowing what a Brand and Story are will help you always have an idea of what to film next—How to make your content consistent. And what pitfalls to avoid. Come to “Your Brand Has Never Told A Story” masterclass where we will learn what a Story actually is – and how to finally become profitable using your own.

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