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We know how hard it is for most Businesses and Brands to get started with video. It took us a long time to get it right, but after many years of practice and research, 7SUN MEDIA has developed a bespoke video package which is the absolute best place to get started with video.

We create 12+ Professional Videos for you and craft a Strategy of where and how you should use them. Best of all? It’s just one price.

Included in every Liftoff Package:

1x – Value Video
1x – Quick Pitch
1x – Video newsletter
3x – Bio Videos
30+ – eClips™
3x – Testimonials
3x – Product & Service Explainers

Fill out the form below, set up an intro call then tell us which Chamber of Commerce or LBYP video you saw and we’ll take $1200 off of your Liftoff Package.

Trust it. If you’ve been considering video, the Liftoff Package is going to be – by far – the best bang for your buck.

It all begins HERE:

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