Let's just say it.
Everybody needs video, but you don't want to make them.


7 Hollywood-level videos.
One low price.
Made to last for years.

Three reasons people give up –

  1. You can’t pick what videos to make.
  2. You don’t know how to get started.
  3. You don’t know how to get the most out of them.

We fixed that…

We do it for you.

Step 1 |  watch the liftoff explainer video

Step 2 |  Download the Liftoff Cheatsheet

Step 3 |  Schedule an intro call or Liftoff & StarChart Consultation

Step 4 |  Launch your videos (to the &^%$@* moon!)

"Initially, I spent countless hours crafting videos that I thought were perfect, pouring my heart and soul into every frame. But after making the Liftoff videos, I realized the true value lies in creating content that resonates directly with my customers' needs—videos they never explicitly asked for but deeply desired. This shift in focus has been a game-changer, transforming my efforts from seemingly wasted time into impactful, customer-driven storytelling."


Don’t just make random videos—Make strategic ones.

Maximize Sales, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Customer Loyalty and Digital Presence—all the modalities of your business.


Watch the liftoff explainer video

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The Liftoff Package is our secret weapon—After 1,000+ videos, this set is the launch code. For years we made videos according to a clients perceived need—only to feel like there was always something missing. After doing research, watching results and some casual empiricism, we finally bundled the most important videos and streamlined their creation.

And thus the Liftoff Package was born.

Here’s how powerful the Liftoff Package is: even if you made each of these videos yourself on your cell phone, it STILL would spark business. Imagine though—take that spark and add pure jet fuel. That’s us. We are jet fuel. We are going to make you video content that is too good to ignore.



Over 3 full days of professional video production • Between 14-20 videos • An archive of 30+ eClips™ for your own personal use • A content marketing strategyLifetime membership to AV Club!Exclusive access to content retainers plus pro-rated rates on upgrades.

Individually, this package is worth over 33k. For the Liftoff Package™ we strategically film so that we can get you all of this for just 15k.

3 months of $5,000. Less than it would cost to hire a single professional. And you get a whole team. Bu-yah.


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Listen, it's a big decision. Whether you're ready to film or just vid-curious—we don't like pressure, just clarity. Communication is everything so...