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Pop-up potluck 2024


4-8pm Thursday, July 11, 2024 @ Hampton Inn & Suites next to the Long Beach Airport​

Give a litlle.

Get a lot!

Who's in already?

So what are you bringing?

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So what's the big Idea?

Just like a potluck, everybody brings something to share. It’s a networking mixer where you actually swap business!

Brands and businesses bring a contribution to give away at the event.
Your contribution can be something you offer at your booth, a no-purchase-necessary item can be put into the swag bag that everyone gets, or big-ticket contributions can be raffled away. 
Then if you contribute you will receive the swag bag, raffle tickets, and the opportunity to enjoy the other vendor’s booth offerings!

The more who participate, the better the event for everyone!


Free Headshots

7SUN MEDIA will be setting up a Headshot Booth so that all participants can get that updated LinkedIn profile! Then they'll go grab that mocktail. 👀

Free Booth Blurb

PLUS! 7SUN MEDIA will ALSO set up a Booth Blurb station for participants to record their elevator pitch while they look their best! (don't worry, we'll help you with the elevator pitch, plus we'll be editing it 👍)

Free TouchUps

Mary Cady Makeup is contributing by doing light touchups (mirror, hairspray, anti-shine powder, etc) to make sure you don't have any funky biz for your headshot and booth blurb. Then she'll get her own headshot and booth blurb!

Mural Raffle

Guild Marketing is giving away an 8'x10' mural. Get your branding on your wall! Then they'll go grab a drink, get some headshots and a booth blurb.

Free Cocktails

The Wrigley's own Wicked Wolf will be bringing some cocktails and mocktails to share before going to get their touchups, headshots and booth blurb!

Free Pie

The PIE BAR is so in. They are going to give a coupon for a free slice in that swag bag. So you better believe they're coming to get their cocktails, get some touchups, take a headshot, record a booth blurb then enter some raffles. Did we mention free pie?

how to sign up

for contributors

As a Contributor, you are an attendee and get all the benefits and then some!

To get started, please fill out this form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (we’re heads-down on this event until it happens, so it won’t be long)

be an Attendee

Not everyone has a business, but you can still be a great customer! We need you, too!

As an attendee, you can immerse yourself in making connections and opportunities. This ticket grants you access to our unique mixer filled with exclusive perks:

• Swag Bag & Raffle Tickets: Receive a curated swag bag with goodies and raffle tickets for a chance to win amazing prizes.
• Booth Access: Explore booths showcasing innovative services and products from local businesses. Engage with representatives, discover new solutions, and enjoy exclusive offers.
• Instant Reviews: Your feedback helps make this event possible! We ask that you leave online reviews for each business you interact with, supporting our community of entrepreneurs.

Don’t miss this chance to network, discover, and win! Grab your ticket now and join us for an unforgettable event.

...are you still here?

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