Photography over time. The medium of stories.

Nothing in life simulates experience more precisely than videography. It triggers something in our sympathetic nervous system and we are teleported straight to the Serengeti plains or into a baseball stadium—We can become a rockstar or a farmer. That experience has the power to forever change a person; to teach, to excite, to compel—Every range of human experience.

Crafting promotions, capturing events, producing tutorials, telling a story—video does it best. 7SUN MEDIA provides video production focussed on putting your best foot forward, telling your stories, and getting your customers excited about being a part of your company’s growth.

Promos, Identity Pieces, Events, Documentaries, Narratives, Shorts, Bumps, Trailers, Teasers, Live Streams, Dead Streams and even mostly-dead streams—There’s a big difference between all-dead and mostly-dead.

7SUN MEDIA’s first love is video and remains our best-seller.

If you need attendance to go up for an event, let’s make a Promo.

If you need your audience to grow, let’s get consistent.

If you need to concisely tell who you are and what you do, let’s make an Identity Piece.

If you need video, let’s get creative.

 If you have a story to tell, video is one of the best ways for us to work with you to tell it.